Artlife News October 13 2017

Fall is here and we are easing into the shorter days and cooler weather. But we certainly haven't slowed down! Here's an update on Artlife Original happenings.

In September, Andrei finished a commission piece for the St. Peter Lutheran School in Lodi, California. Long-time friend, David Warmbier, who is principal of the school, commissioned a piece to hang in one of their gathering rooms. As always, Andrei was up to the task, and created this colorful, intricate piece:

Titled "Saint Peter's Vineyard", it is a 10' x 4' oil on canvas, depicting the spirit and natural beauty of the area. David was thrilled to receive the piece, and says everyone that sees it is in awe, and truly enjoys taking in the details and color. Congratulations to St. Peter Lutheran School!


If you've visited the studio or follow Andrei on any social media, you are familiar with another commission piece, titled "The Last Supper". This piece has become quite the focal point of the studio, and we are happy to announce that it should be making its way to its new home in Toronto, Canada by the end of the year! We've even contemplated have a "going away" party of sorts, and we will definitely keep you posted on any developments!

Andrei putting some finishing touches on "The Last Supper", October 11, 2017


As many of you know, Artlife Wednesday has been a standing weekly event for local artists and musicians to come together for community and inspiration. Although we had a bit of a lull over the Summer, we are glad to see people coming back. We are also excited to welcome two new artists into the Artlife family!

Nicholas Coroneos has been visiting Artlife since late Summer, and has recently relocated to Ferndale from the LA area. In addition to painting, he has also honed his carpentry and design skills, then added sculpture and bronze casting. While he is securing a new space here in Ferndale we are happy to have him join us at Artlife each week. His sculpture and bronze work can be viewed at:


Next up, we have recently had the pleasure of meeting Jess Aldeghi of Toad Art. Jess is a local artist, living and working in Arcata. She has been creating art since she was a child, and always knew she wanted to be an artist. While traveling and living in Italy, she kept to smaller pieces created with Prismacolor marker. But now that she has the space she is getting back into painting as well. She's working on a new website, but in the meantime, you can view her work at:

Welcome to Artlife, Nick & Jess!


Well folks, that's enough for now. Keep your eye out for info coming soon on holiday gift ideas from our artists that are available on the Artlife Original website. We will also include some links to the artist's other online stores and websites. Until next time, make life art &!