Happy 2018 from Artlife Original! February 15 2018

It's already FEBRUARY! Hard to believe we are this far into 2018! Stephanie here...filling in as blog post person extraordinaire for Artlife Original Studio. It has been pretty quiet around the actual studio for the first month or so of the year, but our artists have still been busy creating, traveling and hustling. Read on to learn more...


Shawn Griggs-Redeye Laboratories, Artlife Original artist

Shawn Griggs started off the year right, doing an Artist Residency in Chacala, Mexico from January 20th-February 3rd. He was able to create art and teach some of the local children during several art classes during his time there! To see photos documenting Shawn's epic experience, check out his social media pages. You will be truly inspired!




In an ongoing partnership, Shawn also got to create another awesome label for Lost Coast Brewery! Their new "Revenant Red" IPA sports the signature Shawn Griggs skulls on this colorful new label. Check it out, and don't forget to pick up some Revenant Red, too!

Congratulations, Shawn!


Sonny Wong is....well, he's EVERYWHERE! Whether he is making music, sketching, doing graffiti art or posting new items in his Etsy store, Sonny is one busy man. He was recently part of a graffiti art group show at Piante Gallery in Eureka, CA, titled "Idle Hands". The event was held in conjunction with the monthly Arts Alive! event. Although the opening event has passed, you can get a taste of what went down here: 

Check the following links below for more details to get you some fine creations from this versatile artist!



Etsy store:

Here's to continued success & awesomeness, Sonny Wong!


Andrei Hedstrom-Andrei Hedstrom Studio, Artlife Original artist


When he isn't busy running his incredible company and being an awesome father and husand, Andrei is busy working on multiple projects here in the studio. Collaborating with Shawn Griggs, Andrei is working on a large piece that blends the unique and varying styles of both artists. Here's a quick peek from an Artlife Wednesday painting session just a few weeks ago:

While there are no set plans for the completed piece, both Andrei and Shawn are excited about seeing where the journey takes them. If you're local, feel free to stop by the studio to see the piece.

Andrei is known for his large paintings, without a doubt. But lately he has taken to smaller canvases for his individual work, focusing on one of his favorite things: the natural beauty of Humboldt County. There are 4 smaller pieces in the works currently, some of them painted plein air, or outdoors. Once they are completed they will be added to Andrei's website and social media, where they will be available for purchase. Keep your eyes open for these pieces, coming soon!

And now...for future news! Andrei is formulating some works for an upcoming show later this year. We are keeping it on the down low for the time being...just hoping to pique your curiosity! This show will bring some new elements to the table, in addition to the fine art paintings we've come to know and love from Andrei. If you can't wait until later this year to view his work, you can still see his pieces hanging in the Arcata-Eureka Airport until June, and at Tuya's Restaurant in Ferndale, California. Stay tuned!

Finally, we would like to give a shout out to Artlife Original family member Jess Aldeghi, whose work is currently hanging in Mind's Eye Manufactory and Coffee Lounge here in Ferndale. We were really excited to introduce Jess to Leah Daniels at Mind's Eye, and to see them connect to bring more beautiful art to Ferndale! You can purchase both original art and prints at Mind's Eye, or via Jess' website:

In the meantime, here are a few shots of Jess' work in Mind's Eye:


That does it for now. Be sure to follow all of our artists on social media, check out their websites and stores, and of course, support artists by purchasing their work! If you know if any local artists looking to connect here in Humboldt County, forward them to Stephanie at Help us grow the Artlife Original family. Until next time...make life your art, and your!




Artlife News! August 04 2017

Greetings, Artlifers! As August descends upon us, we at Artlife Original are reflecting back on a great Summer, as well as looking forward to upcoming projects and all this month will bring. There's a lot to share, so let's get to it!

Summer saw Andrei Hedstrom heading to Costa Rica for both business and pleasure. After a week of meetings with his awesome teammates at SweetRush, he found some time to breathe in some peace and beauty in one of the most magical places in the world. But the art work doesn't stop! Upon return to Ferndale, Andrei jumped right in to a new commissioned piece for St. Peter's Church Winery in Sonoma County. It's a work-in-progress with pictures coming soon! 

In other exciting news, there's a brand new restaurant opening in Ferndale that will feature Andrei's art. Tuya's Authentic Mexican Restaurant is opening later this month on Main Street, and will showcase two pieces of Andrei's work-"Rainforest Inside" and "The King's Undergrowth". We are excited to partner with this new establishment and to share art with the community and visitors alike. 

"Rainforest Inside" currently hangs in The Old Steeple here in Ferndale, and can be seen there until August 9th.

"The King's Undergrowth" can also be seen at The Old Steeple until August 9th.

A big thank you goes out to the Redwood Art Association for including Andrei's work in an exhibition at the Arcata Regional Airport. Seven pieces will hang in the lobby areas of the airport for the next year. So if you're traveling or have visitors coming in, be sure to take a look at the incredible pieces! Here's a tiny sneak peek...


Lastly, we have been busy adding a few new items to our Artlife Original store! In addition to a new tote and coffee mug, we finally have a couple of CANVAS PRINTS available. Soon we will also offer some of Andrei's outstanding illustrations on merchandise, including shirts, and also prints. Stay tuned to see what's next!


Our favorite Dirty Rat, Sonny Wong, has made it a priority to hit the trails and camp as much as possible this Summer. All that natural inspiration is evident in his art and music. In addition to illustrating a board game, he has been busy putting out another album, (see pic below) and he busted out some archived pieces to hang at Humboldt Bay Coffee Company for Arts Alive! August 5th. We were glad to see him and his lovely wife, Sherry, at Artlife Wednesday this week & hope to see them more often!

"Walking Thru Walls" is available locally at The Works in Eureka, as well as on CD Baby & iTunes!

Check out this beauty and the following pieces at Humboldt Bay Coffee Company for Arts Alive! in Eureka...

Rock on, Sonny Wong!!!


One of the hallmarks of Summer is Festival Season! Shawn Griggs has been on the move, painting, creating and preparing for one of the biggest festivals, Reggae on the River. Shawn will be posted up sharing his art and merchandise at the event again this year, so if you are attending, hit him up! In addition to festivals, Shawn has been busy collaborating with local businesses and getting new merchandise out. See the photos below for more!

Shawn's art on this trailer wrap for Lost Coast Brewery's Fogcutter Double IPA. Wrap was done by Visual Concepts in Arcata!


Great shot of Shawn's art on the Fogcutter can!


New hoodies, t's and tanks are now available from Redeye Laboratories! Check them out (and order something!) at 


We have been blessed this Summer to travel, create, connect, see old friends and make new ones, and expand our Artlife Family. And we are excited about all the possibilities of the future. Check back soon for more updates and info. Don't forget...Artlife Wednesdays every week. Love & good vibes to all!


Art life Original Studio Manager



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img_3847-1 This is the night it all began.  A great group of artists coming together with one goal... To Make Art.  This picture was taken in 2011 at the personal studio of Shawn Griggs.  From this point on, ARTLIFE ORIGINAL slowly and constantly began to crystalize into what is now the an official core group of artists with a studio dedicated to their goal.  This site will not only serve as an informative instrument for the group, but also as a documentation of the life style and hard work that goes on behind the scenes.  Stay tuned, and check back often.