Artlife is a philosophy, lifestyle and value system that places making art and exploring creativity in all its expressions as a central and guiding principle of a life well lived.

  1. Make art life

  2. Make life art

  3. Increase creative flow

  4. Do good things with Artlife

  5. Help other access Artlife

Make art life.
Art is not just a thing we make or an experience we have, it is a critical part of our value system and originates from the natural world’s ever-creative cycle. An idea or urge flows from an opportunity or set of conditions and resources are taken up to create with. Making art is a life well lived.

Make life art.
Make each life a work of art. The more art we let in, the more our lives become works of art in themselves. This can happen on an individual or collaborative level and ideally at a societal level. There is no part of life that cannot be lived artfully. We view each activity in life as a way to participate in creative flow.

Increase creative flow.
when we make art, we facilitate an increased creative flow in our own life and the world around us. By making art life and life art, we bring creative flow into our world where it is needed and envelope it in the same sustainable creative cycles in which the rest of the natural world participates.

Do good things with Artlife.
Humans’ highest pursuits have always been towards an understanding and practice of goodness, truth and beauty. Artlife shares this pursuit through acts of creativity. Creative destruction can be part of Artlife, but the Artlife is a moral life.

Human society has many problems. Some argue that these problems are potentially catastrophic and the need for change is great. Artlife has an offering to these challenges. Artlife should be practiced in all human pursuits — business, government, private and public. We need to increase creative flow in all aspects of our society — artists belong everywhere.

Help others access Artlife.

  • Creativity is part of our inalienable rights. The most important thing about Artlife is that as many of us have access to it as possible — style, medium, skill, commercial value and fame are all less important than access. Division between artists decreases creative flow, connection increase it. While exclusivity should exist within defined projects or even productive communities, discrimination or oppression of others’ creativity or participation in the Artlife is immoral.

  • Creativity is karmic — what we do with our creativity and what creativity we help others tap into has lasting and cyclical ramifications.

  • Artlife supply does not currently meet the demand in human society. We must nurture and access creative flow in every corner of human society.